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Vinyl Application Services

Vinyl is a great way to decorate your home or business and usually easy enough that most anyone can do it. Unlike painting vinyl is cleaner, faster and best of all when cut using a vinyl cutting machine it can have a level of detail that painting is just to difficult to do. There are many different kinds of vinyl applications and this page will cover the application services we perform.

Decal Application - Home or Business Decorating

Decal Application Service

We offer various vinyl application services to southern Arizona. Simple decals being applied to a vehicle can be done at our home studio in Red Rock, Arizona. We can also visit to your home or business to apply your decals and we service both the Tucson and Phoenix areas. If you're working on a project and require assistance please contact us for a quote.

Note: There is a minimum application fee of $50 to Tucson and $100 for Phoenix.

Wall Decals
Large wall decals can be complicated and we can help apply these decals in your home or business for you. 

We Apply Large Wall Decals

Start by finding the right location.

Giant Wall Decals

Then start applying the decals.

Large Decal Application

Read and see more on our decal application page.

Window Decals
For businesses we can apply a decal of your logo, business hours anything you need permanently adhered to the window. In homes we can provide frosted or colored vinyl overlays creating a new and unique look to your home.

Business Window Decal Signage

Business Window Signage Decals

Business Info on Glass Doors

Business Door Signage Decals

Business Window Accent Decals

Business Window Accent Decals

Vehicle Decals 
Many of the ready to apply decals we have in our catalog are great for vehicles and we can apply them for you. We can also create new or unique vehicle decals including accents, stripes. Visit our Vehicle Styling and Accent page for more info.

Fan Art Decals

Fan Art Decals

Sponsorship Decals

Sponsorship Decals

Motorcycle Decals

Motorcycle Decals

Drift Car Decals

Drift and Race Decals

Motorcycle Decals

Motorcycle Decals

Custom Decals

Custom Decals

Vinyl Wrapping Service

Our newest service is vehicle wrapping and protection. We can't list a price online as every vehicle wrap is different and a micro car will not be the same as a truck. The material choice also effects the price. Carbon fiber and other like materials cost extra. We ask that you contact us if your interested in any of our vehicle wraps.

Vehicle Wraps

Full Wraps - We will wrap the entire vehicle in a single color. 
Half Wraps - We will wrap half the vehicle in a single color.
Hood Wraps - We will wrap your vehicles hood in matte black, carbon fiber or some other vinyl material choice.
Roof Wraps - Gloss black panoramic look, carbon fiber or a gloss white heat rejection and many more.

Printed Design Wraps
Printing of a design onto the vinyl material is not currently something we offer but we can work with you on the design and then have it printed. We will then get the vinyl back and apply the wrap. View our illustration and design page for more information.

Oral Wrap Certified

Oral Wrap Certified

Vinyl Wrap

Color Change

Finished Wraps

Finished Vehicle Wraps

Object Vinyl Wrapping
Other than vehicles most anything can be vinyl wrapped. If you have something that you want wrapped contact us.

News and Announcements

We are in the process of building a new online store to buy custom cut vinyl decals, paint stencils and now heat transfers. We are in the early stages of building the new store and for now you can shop our current catalog

If you're looking to have an image converted into a decal or stencil submit it here.

We do not yet have a retail studio open to the public as the community of Red Rock, AZ is brand new. My plan is to open a design studio when or shortly after the business area for the community is developed. I do perform some service from my home studio by appointment and I can visit your home or place of business to discuss your project and or apply decals that you had Vinylines or that you purchased on

Thank you for visiting, stay tuned for more.

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